What I use

As you all know I am 100% a mobile photographer (well… with the occasional 35mm photo) and I don’t actually think I have said what equipment / apps I use.

For my photography obviously I use my phone which is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1, a rather unique smartphone.

lumix_dmc-cm1_image_5.jpg  Lumix-Sensor


This phone has full smartphone (Android) capabilities but with a 20mp, 1″ MOS Sensor with a 28mm (equivalent) f/2.8 Leica DC Elmarit Lens. With full manual (PASM modes) and other creative modes and filters, which i only use one and that is a high contrast B&W effect.

For my post-processing and writing I use a Acer Iconia One 10″ tablet, which is actually where I do a lot of my social networking, Instagram, Twitter etc.
As for apps that I use to edit my photos, I use the Adobe Lightroom and/or SnapSeed app and for my writing I either write straight to WordPress or use the Microsoft Word app.


So… the reason why I only use mobile devices for my work. I do this because I want to prove that you do not need a “proper” camera or expensive equipment to take great photos. I decided to do this after I joined the university photography society and was not taken seriously because I used a smartphone, After I left the society I entered a competition that they had put on and came 2nd in the nature category and 5th overall with this set of pictures.



So just remember, you can use anything with a camera to take great photos, its not the equipment that matters, its how creative you are.



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