Are changes coming?

Yes… Changes are coming!

I am currently in the sort of mood where I do not know what direction I want my photography to go. I am somewhat happy with the photos I am taking, but there is still something wrong.

Maybe it is my name Candid Hunter Productions, maybe it is my logo or even the fact that no one really knows what to call me when interacting with me. I was speaking with one of my good friends about this and she ask me if I was having fun, in which I replied “not really” so there’s the problem, I am not having fun with photography 

It was then she suggested that I maybe use a pseudonym (a fictitious name) and she suggested クリス (Kurisu) as it is my name in Japanese and what she and others call me.

After a few days of thinking, some encouragement and help from friends, I have decided to start again and this time from the very beginning, this included new social media accounts and new logos etc.

Instagram –                       Twitter – @kurisu_photos

IMG_20170624_134416               IMG_20170624_134338

Above is my new social media account names and you are all welcome to follow, I will be following everyone that I already follow on my old accounts. My website / WordPress address will not change. I will still continue to follow, read, comment and like everyone’s posts, but I will not post to my website / WordPress for maybe a week while I get all the changes made.

I thank you all for patients in these times of change and remember, stay candid!




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